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    Just Freedom

    Two wolves are finally set free after almost one year in rehabilitation.
    For the first time in the world, we can see freedom through their eyes...

  • Almo Nature
    Almo Nature
    The Wolf and the Projects

    From the beginning of autumn to the end of spring 2015, the wolf will be the “spokesanimal” of Almo Nature (the brand and cat food). Almo Nature is giving back to wolves through some projects which have already been launched...

  • Almo Nature
    Almo Nature
    Rouge Label The Alternative

    With Rouge Label The Alternative
    Almo Nature introduces a new quality standard:

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Don't stroke a cat on its belly!
Do you recognise this situation? Your cat lazily rolls over on her back and shows off her belly. When you reach out to give her a tummy rub, she suddenly swipes her paw or grabs your arm. Does she want to be petted or not?
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23-Oct-2014 NEWS
When your cat stops using the litter box
House soiling is the most common and the most frustrating behaviour problem of cats. The first reaction of many cat owners is to become angry and punish the cat. But: a cat that no longer uses the litter box has a big problem. Read these tips to solve that problem.
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10-Oct-2014 NEWS
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